Sunday, February 17, 2008


So in honour of my beautiful friend Kjersti (and all my other friends that I never see anymore for that sake) that is so good at giving me updates on her/their life I have decided to start this, hopefully informative blog.

Although it will probably not be at all.

If my writing seem a bit like Greek (in English) it is probably just due to what David have chosen to call "Sabrina's new age writing". Me, on the other hand, just blame my never discovered imaginative dyslexia.

Voila. enough of pre-mistake excuses.

Today me and David, as the little wannabe Canadian family that we are, went skating. Only to discover after 2 minutes on the brink/lake that there was a reason why Sabrina's skates were given away to the Salvation Army in the first place: They were in fact just socks with the iron (that what you call the stuff under the skates right?). Anyway we got to take one ugly picture of me before we hurried to the closest cafe to drink we-feel-sorry-for-our-selfs-hot-chocolate.

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Anonymous said...

hello my dear sister. i love you so much!! this site is going to be my new home. still waiting for military-shit.. snakes on a plane