Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Udachkuqax*a'a'ch=a sound that calls people from afar

While talking about things that have moved me the last weeks, this did. A lot. In my favourite right-wing journal of course:): Marie Smith's obituary.


Anonymous said...

That stupid link didn't want to open on the stupid internet og mye stupid mac. Stupid.
Miss you!

I have so far saved ut 867kr for my canadatrip. go me!

sillysabrina said...

Linken er en link til Marie Smiths obituary i The Economist. Hvis du gaar dit vil du finne den.

Absolutt verdt 5 min lesetid:)

Med 867kr er du langt paa vei. Men driver aa skjekker hvordan det vil vaere aa flytte til Buenos Aires for et aar. Saa innen sparegrisen er full bor jeg kanskje der. Noe som sikkert passer seg bdere:) Pus.

Miss you too!