Sunday, April 20, 2008

Mood: Good.

Yes, finally life looks a bit brighter (expect that I`ve gotten pollen and have huge pollen producing tree on my balcony). I only got two exams left now ,and the last days the mercury in the thermometer have been above the 20 mark.

Soon I`ll go home to see all my friends in Norway and suddenly I`ll be in China with giant Buddha`s, dumplings and Shaolin Monks. Sol has just promised that she`ll teach me how to knit socks this summer. Something that apparently involves a lot of wine, which I guess only makes it even more fun. Daniel just came home from India and I`m saving `Juno` to watch it with Kaia. I`m going to dance with Kjersti at Frank Snort and try to make my liberal brother an anarchist.

Yes. I`m assuming this will be a great summer.

In the good spirit of spring: here is pictures of some of the sweet colourful houses around our neighbourhood, Le Plateau.


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Oui, je suis un canard tropicale. Je vis dans le jungle en Afrique et la je pratique l'acrobatique.