Friday, April 18, 2008

Please to not read this if you don't feel like listening to my whinig.!

Shit. Enough have to be enough.

Now, for about a month I have been constantly working with school ,day (and night) from morning to evening. When I've not been at school of course.

I have had lunch twice with some friends in the last month. And that's about as social as I've been. Except for my little time with David of course. Good he's here ,or else I would turn completely into one of those hermit's you see in cartoons that has been stuck in their little cave a bit to long. Well, my apartment is my cave and I've turned into a pyjama-monster.

Now I just woke up at 6.00 (in the morning!!!) by the same sentence that I've been repeating in my dreams all night:

"It is important to remember that the entrenchment of 'The Charter of Rights and Freedoms' into the 'Canadian Constitution from 1867' has not lead to judicial supremacy, but rather a dialogue concerning rights, between the judicial and legislative, of the various, be that federal or provincial, branches of the government, because of to the entrenchment of section 1 and 33."

So that's it. This what haunts me in my night.

I am like a CD with a scratch which just just continue repeating it self. There is no more room in the brain. Not even for one little political theory. The sponge that was my brain is full. Can't take another drop of a thought.

Now, I've had it. To hell with Palestinian mandates, Trudeau and asymmetric dependent international systems. Today I'll put on my new sandals and just sit and drink rose wine in the fabulous 20 degrees weather on my balcony.

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