Friday, May 2, 2008


Yes, well. Now I've been in Norway a couple of days and its nice to see all my friends again. On Wednesday we went to Stine and Ronan which had a party and later me and Kjersti went to, well I guess it's my favourite bar in the whole world: Spasibar. There really is nothing like a night of Russian disco. And with Kjersti by your side it's even more fun.

Today I had coffee with Linda and Andre, realizing that I'm not the only tv show nerd out there. That felt good.

Kaia is now working at Kunsternes Hus, which is a really cool place. Having finally gotten over my I-so-not-wanne-be-a-waitress-again-fear, I'm going there tomorrow to meet her boss about a possible job for the next weeks. If he'd like someone who can only work for three weeks I'll be happy. If not the quest for another job have to continue.

Tomorrow moi et father is going to a flee market to try to find a desk for my room where I can keep my lovely laptop that now runs on very stolen internet (seriously. How can the Fire Fox add on dictionary not contain the word internet???) . I'm sorry neighbour!

Also. I just received A+ in my Middle East History class. Sorry about the bragging, I'm just very proud (maybe I'll edit this away later when I will get to embarrassed about it. jaja).

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