Thursday, May 29, 2008

Ni hao!

Nice guys at the forbidden city.
Scorpion and stail kebabs at the night marked..
Pui #1 AND #2 on Tianiamen Square= The Square of Heavenly Peace.
The White Pagoda in a very widy afternoon.
From the forbidden city.
On top of the white Pogoda.

First: 1. I'm sorry about the gramatical mistakes that will occur cause this computer doesnt have spell check. 2. The fact that the pics come first (no cut and past, only 指定搜索语言).

So, after having a couple of days here in Beijing without being able to enter my blog I finally found a way of posting new posts.

Here everything is good. The last two days we've stayed at a great hostel here with the even more magnificient name: Sitting On the City Walls Courtyard House.

The culture shock is actually not that bad (yet). Probably much due to the fact that I live in Montreal and is used to not understanding much of what people around me is saying. And, actually, after having traveled in Central America I'm kinda shocked when guys are not whisteling after me in the street:) But still we had big problems ordering our first meal here and ended up with a soup of what I believe was sheep brain and cartilege. We also ended up walking all the way from the train station, where the bus from the airport dropped us of, to the hostel which was about 5km, cause we where not able to give directions to the cab driver. But that was yesterday. Today we have been masters of the Beijingese bus system and ordered both kebab and train tickets.

Tomorrow we'll take the night train to Xi'an, where the terracotta soldiers lives. More news will come then. Zaijian.

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kaiakk said...

JEALOUS!! it looks great, and nice to hear from you... i miss you already:) you know that guy i was trying to kiss... ALL the way baby, and it was niiiiiize! ten points for me:) have a great time misunderstanding people and say hello to david.. in other news, I am super waitress I have come to humanity from outerspace to bring you food and coffee in a fast and precise manner... my strength is my purpose! kooos