Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Such a Perfect day.

First: Congrats to Kaia which just got into the very cool film making school in Denmark where Lars Von Trier teach .

She also, as the good friend she is, gave me these great yellow shoes in a birthday-in-advance present. Today we spend our second day together.
We (me and Yellow-shoes) went to the Chinese embassy again, where there was a very long line , only to discover that Sabrina had forgotten the receipt she got when applying for the visa. But, despite an angry look from the consulate lady and a long and bureaucratic waiting time, Sabrina can now proclaim herself the proud owner of a Chinese Visa.

We then went to my favourite cafe at Majorstua: Rustique (under) to meet Kjersti and Mine.
There we ate The Worlds Best Chocolate Cake and drank cappuccino (kjersti 3 cup's in an hour).

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kaiakk said...

Ah thanks my beautiful one:) I should have come with you to rustique:(