Monday, June 2, 2008

Stairway to heaven?

Yes, the redness is a mix of sunburn and tiredness.
Cat's obviously have better balance than me.

We were there. On top.
Everyone put locks symbolizing love at the passes on he top.
This was ours.

Yesterday we walked the Taoist holy mountain, Hua Shan, just two hours outside of Xi'an. And well, I'm guessing it must have been the most tiering 8km I have walked in my whole life because half of the trip (ergo 4km) was done in very steep stairs. The trip goes from an altitude of around 1-100m to 2100 . Just now, after searching the internet, I found out that the trip has actually been called the most dangerous tourist trail in the world.

Mamma: I swear I did not know about that before.

Anyways, I'm still alive. Donc, I'm feeling, well yes, a bit of proudness now seeing that I tend to get very tired from just walking up from the metro station home in Montreal.

All in all. It was very beauiful. I got to offer incence to the taoist gods, drink tea with a monk and see how mad Chinese are about sunrises. But although you still see the caves in the hillsides where hermits chose to spend the rest of their lifes meditating in earlier times, the mountain is now apperantly taken over hordes of Chinese tourists. Still we were quite lucky doing the trip sunday night and monday morning and did therefore not bump into that many.

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