Sunday, September 7, 2008

MTL dans mon cœur.


Back in the North American edition of Paris. So far I've bought 4 books, read 13 pages, dropped one course due to terrifying British professor, raised my hand and talked in class twice(!). We've had sushi for dinner 4 times, the rest of the days different variants of burritos.

More important than insignificant sushi-news: I've met friends, to not speak about the boyfriend, I had not seen for long time. Above spotted during midweek, late night barbecue.

Only for those with special interest: Pay attention to Julie's bunny ear rings that we bought for her in Yunnan knowing that she is the only person who could actually wear those and still look as great as ever.

1 comment:

eksil said...

oh my dog..
I want wine. Now. Never put pictures of wine in your blog when I live in this dogforsaken place with no Vinmonopol!

*miss she*