Thursday, December 4, 2008

A new attempt.

Bueno. After much critique from various close friends I hereby make a new attempt on entering the world of blogging.

Here not much is happening. Martin lost half his finger (for a more fun account of the event see Finger Better) and I'm trying to learn Spanish in 5 days. The box above is mi caja de espanol, full of spanish words. We moved to a new and magnificent apartment about a month ago and I wake up to the view of Mont Royal every morning.

Recently I have found myself reading all these neat quotes everywhere and that's how I came up with the new and very uncreative feature -Quote of the week- for this blog. Enjoy.


Don David said...

ah, there we go.

Solvor said...

How can you say that nothing has happend??? I did not know that you got a new place to live!
Love you, see you soon<3

Jorge Alejandro said...

Para que practiques tu español, esta muy bonita tu caja y que buenas fotos tienes además de una buena camara. Muchos saludos.

Abraham Siloe said...

Hola Sabrina!

Qué bien que tengas blog! A mí me gustan mucho los blogs! Mucha éxito con tu exámen de español. Estoy seguro que te irá bien.