Monday, May 18, 2009

I really need to know!

Is old garlic bad for you?

After much discussion with a variety of more or less intelligent people lately I have realized that I have to bring this vital question to the blog world to get a clear answer.

When I was a little girl someone told me that it was toxic. But, after I have commenced this new type of extreme sport (old garlic eating), I can honestly not feel a difference. Can someone please inform me if I'm doomed to a premature death now?

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élie said...

I can not imagine the process of germinating in itself makes anything toxic.

Humn.. There is a need for a plantist.

SillySabrina said...

There might be need for a plantist, but still you are for me a great authority figure on this subject Eli. Thank you for reassurance.

Don David said...

Well I think that germinating garlic obtain magical properties. The longer the shoot the more magical.

élie said...

Haha! I appreciate your trust, but as a fan of garlic and since I have previously never been stopped by some green shots, I pursued the garlicy question across the hallway to my plant-advisor-researcher-friend.

The true plantist looked at me with a surprised expression and said that he had never heard of poisonous garlic before. He actually looked it up (probably out of fear for having missed out on planty knowledge) and only found articles about health benefits and cancer fighting.

I am going with the Don on this one. Magic!