Sunday, February 24, 2008

Today it's only -1. That is truly amazing.

I have a midterm in Middle East History tomorrow so I'm trying to find out what (or who) Mahabbat al-Amrad-Sabbatai Sevi is. That is proving to be hard. More than, that I have a quiz on Tuesday in International Relations, so I'm reading newspapers frenetically preparing for the current events questions. The teacher is very demanding, her name is Bloodgood. Self explanatory.

David has made me co-member Le Boite Noir, where they have a lot of nice (and-hard-find) movies, but I just discovered he has signed me up as Piupiu Lilleby. Now he has started talking with our plants: "Hallo Aloe, how are you?"

Here is a picture of the new cafe-area in our apartment.


Anonymous said...

loves and misses! and kisses;)

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