Monday, March 3, 2008

The Rastadog.

Montreal and it's inhabitants never ceases to amaze me and new on the list of oddities I've bumped into since I moved here is (drum roll): The Rastadog.

A Sunday stroll in the park yesterday lead to our passionate first meeting, and I felt very lucky that I had remembered the camera. So I snapped several pictures of this creature I felt looked like a mix between 'Adams Family's' Uncle It, and The Luggage in 'The Colour Of Magic'.

It was only later that I discovered that Martin had borrowed the camera to take pictures of his soon-up-for-sale cat, only later to return it without its memory card. Fy Martin!

This is why The Rasta Dog i delivered to you on a blanket of sawdust and not fresh Sunday morning Montreal-snow. The picture is singlehandedly stolen from Grandma Rista's blog who had been on a dog show and seen it. Thank you Rista. Although I dont know who you are, you can steal pictures from me too.

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