Friday, June 13, 2008


After having been looking for a computer that works faster then a snail for almost a week without luck, I have decided to write anyways. And maybe even upload some pics , although I believe it is maybe to much to expect from this computer.

Right now we are in Shangri la (Or Zhondigan before 1999. Then the governmnet changed the name), a mostly Tibetan city in North-Western Yunnan. We arrived yesterday both with a mild headeache because the altitude is around 3100m (I think). But despite of this we were able to go to the local horse racing festival that is taking place around here these days. Well, actually, I dont think it was so much about racing, but rather about which horse and rider looked the coolest (by Tibetan standards of course).

There is dancing in the main square here each night. A sort of a line (or rather ring) dance with Tibetan music with a bit more beat. Actually when we heard about it we were scared it was some tourist scheme. But we were definitly wrong. I there was women and men from around 90 to small kids which had just learned to walk. And everyone danced. We felt stupid not to, so to night I think we will also.

Today we have visited a Buddhist temple that has the biggest prayer wheel in the world. We spinned it three times like you are supposed to, and boy, I'll tell you its hard work to be a Buddhist. This truth was proved again only an hour later as we climed one of the small mountains around the city to reach a monestary that was on top. Very hard, very high altitude and definitly no breath.

The monestary was beautiful with prayer flags and petit Buddhas everywhere on the moutain-top. When we entered the room with the big Buddha the strangest thing happened. We were recieved by a little boy I guess cant have been more than 5 years old. He showed us how to do all the prayer rituals and gave us incence to light. I was like he was grown up and a kid at the same time. I cant say I belive very much in incarnation or anything, but really, there was something strange with that boy.


yours truly said...

Your blog is beautiful! God bless!

Anonymous said...

Så spennende å følge med på turen deres. Hadde helt hjerte i halsen etter den toppen dere besteg. Sjekket andre bilder på internett og tenkte vel at dette var i meste laget. Håper vi får anledning til å ta en prat å høre mer fra turen. Hils David! Klem fra Ellen