Monday, June 23, 2008

More delayed news from Shangeli-la.

Finally I find a computer fast enough to upload pictures again (and I've learned a trick: to make the files smaller on paint.)

Last time I wrote here we were still in Shangri-la, so I though I'd start again there. To have some consistency in this mean.

Anyhow: It's quite funny that the Chinese goverment has changed the name of Zhingdian to that of the valley mentioned in James Hilton's famous book to attrack tourist, when the Chinese is in fact not able to pronounce the R and they end up pronouncing the words more like: Shangeli-la. But everything for the tourists. It is also very peculiar how the Chinese government like to promote the Tibetan culture in the area, when we often hear stories of people who have been to Lhasa, and seen that the monks are not even allowed to leave their monasteries.

The hostel we stayed in had to very nice owners that we had a so-called "family dinner" with each night. And one of the nights we had an encounter with the infamous Chinese liqeur "Baijo", something that proved to be a tougher experiece for dear David. Since he was a boy(man) he had to dink every time the men yelled campeii (cheers), which was a bout every 3rd minute.

I guess I have to mention that there is 50% alcohol in baijio. For those interested I have his state of being at 1 am on video. We can arrage a movie-night when I come home.

In Shangri-la we hiked around the countryside in some small Tibetan villages were there was many horses, but even more yaks. And we discovered that I'm suffering from Yakophobia. They are just to big, and everywhere. Brr.

Now people are getting angry about my extensive computer use. I'll write more later. So pics:

Also look at Davids blog for more great pics. Aspecially the one with my and my favourite tibetan man.

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