Saturday, July 5, 2008

Et voila, I'm back in Oslo, and that with a big Boom. Today me and Mine took the boat out to one of the Islands here in Oslo. Hoping to have a nice day. We did not.

Or well, that is not exactly true, we actually had our first swim of the year. That was nice. The trip back home, on the other hand, was rather scary. Our boat ended up in the middle of a thunderstorm. Lightening everywhere and Sabrina very scared. And wet of course.


David Vilder said...

Oh le piu... so scared... what a life!

SillySabrina said...

Jup, you know? I actually feel there is this big cloud of thunder following me.. all the way from China. Donald Duck, C'est moi.

Sol said...

har du glemt oss på internett?
Og når reiser du min due? treffes vi før du reiser?

hilsen en sol (uten tordensky) i Ås